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We offer bread that's organic, naturally fermented, hand-shaped, hearth-baked, crusty, hearty, and all around delicious! Our sourdough culture has been developing for 20 years, giving our bread a distinctive and complex flavor profile. We use three basic ingredients in our bread and starter: organic bread flour, water, and kosher salt. Our bread tastes best if it's stored in a paper bag (to preserve that crusty crispness,) and sliced, right before you eat it. Because our bread is preservative free, we recommend freezing any portion that will not be used in 2 to 3 days. If you think you'll need to freeze some, we're happy to provide a plastic bag.

Sourdough Breads

Classic Sourdough: hearty and crusty, with our own unique sour flavor.

Dakota: a mix of white, wheat, and rye flour with molasses and dill.

Rustic French: our signature bread, chewy and crusty with a little whole wheat.

Italian: with a crisp crust, even crumb, and mild flavor, this is a sandwich favorite.

Multigrain: mildly sour and really yummy, with chunky grains and seeds all the way through.

Sour Caraway Rye: traditional, hardcrusted Jewish rye, seeded throughout.

Country French: hearty 100% whole wheat with our own sour culture for great flavor.

Flax Seed Rye: sour German style packed with flavor and goodness — seeded crust with moist crumb and plenty of wholesome flax seeds.

Specialty Sourdough Breads

Kalamata Olive: Italian dough with savory Greek olives, baked to crusty perfection.

Rosemary Apricot: savory and sweet and completely delectable from gourmet sandwiches to rockin' French toast, the possibilities are endless.

Yeast Breads

Honey Walnut: subtly sweet with nutty flavor, a thin crust and soft crumb great for toast or sandwiches.

Challah: hand-braided Jewish egg bread soft, light, rich and yellow inside, golden brown outside.

Brioche: buttery richness in bread form available as rolls, loaves, traditional traditional tete, or flavored scrolls.

Croissant: flaky and scrumptious, made with real butter, lots of layers, and lots of love also available with chocolate or almonds.

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Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 2:30pm
Saturday, 8:00am - 2:30pm


16 E. McGovern Avenue Lancaster, PA 17601
(Station Square — across from the Lancaster Amtrak station)
(717) 406-4784

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